bcit-sailbotAutonomous sailing robotMatthew Knight11 months
cold_war_chatSimple communication stack using TI-RTOSMatthew Knight12 months
composite-video-driverComposite video synthesizer using VerilogMatthew Knight12 months
graphicsSimple C graphics library fork that I added color toMatthew Knight12 months
imageProcessingLabs from my image processing classMatthew Knight12 months
markov-dictionarySimple markov dictionary libraryMatthew Knight12 months
mcp4921A Linux Kernel driver for a 12-bit, 2 channel DACMatthew Knight11 months
multiformatsA C++17 implementation of a multiformatsMatthew Knight12 months
opengaC++17 genetic algorithm libraryMatthew Knight12 months
pumpkinProject for playing around with adaptive filtersMatthew Knight12 months
register-aliasSafe (and efficient) special function register access using template metaprogram...Matthew Knight12 months
resumeMy resumeMatthew Knight12 months
scapenetThe makings of a runescape botMatthew Knight12 months
sql-statementA small sql generation libraryMatthew Knight12 months
stPersonal fork of st12 months
stm32Bare minimum stm32 projectMatthew Knight12 months
sudoku-masterA program for measuring sudoku solver performanceMatthew Knight12 months
svd-dataSpecial function register data for svg-registerMatthew Knight12 months
thermistorA compile-time thermistor lookup table libraryMatthew Knight12 months